Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Fun

Ashley and Owen have been enjoying our lazy days at home playing with friends. They really want to set up the pool but we are holding off until the end of June since we will be gone and don't want it left unwatched. They picked out a slide n' slide to play with until then, if it lasts that long.

Ashley wanted to have a Glow Stick Party so she bought a bunch of glow sticks and her and friend Ashley spent the day planning out their music, costumes and dances. Then that evening after dark we watched their show with all the boys running around in the background and up in the tree but the girls just kept on dancing. It was a lot of fun.

Blowing up parts of the slip n' slide

Owen slip n' sliding

Neighbor kids joining in on the fun.
Neighbor kids and ours in the backyard
Ashley our Glow Stick Party Queen
Glow Stick Partytime

Girls dancing

Kids dancing

more dancing

More like what it looked like - photo with no flash

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