Monday, June 3, 2013

Celebration Park

Mike wanted to go on a quick camping trip this weekend. So we through a few things in the car and headed to Celebration Park. We found a camping site set up then did a little exploring around the park followed by a camp fire and smores. This morning we packed up the tent then went to the visitor's center, a hike to find all the Petroglyphs on the trail map and a hike by the bridge. Then we drove to Silver Falls Dam for a picnic before heading home. It was a nice overnight trip.

Ashley's favorite rock

Owen drawing on the dock on the Snake River

Kids by the Wikieup? Teepee made with sage brush.

Ashley found one of the boulders with Petroglyphs.

Mike exploring Celebration Park

Time to cool off by the river

Sling shot shooting rocks into the river

Sling shot shooting

Kids at our camp site

Ashley back at her favorite rock

Ashley and Mike at the Snake River

Mike has made FIRE!

Mike roasting marshmellows

Camp fire time

Yummy, Smores!

Kids at the Celebration Park visitor's center

Owen in the visitor's center

Ashley and Mike at the visitor's center

Kids hunting for Petroglyphs on the trail at Celebration Park

Ashley an a Petroglyph






Kids ready to explore the old railroad bridge, now foot bridge.

Bridge at Celebration Park

Stacy and Ashley on our nature walk

Me and kiddos

Ashley at Silver Falls Dam

Mike and kids on the Silver Falls Dam

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