Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

The long awaited "Spring Break" has finally arrived! Ashley came home and put her pjs on and headed straight for the couch, last Friday afternoon. Luckily we didn't have to much planned for the first few days but then it got really busy. Mike and the kids started off by roasting marshmallows in the backyard and making smores.

Then our busy week got rollin'. We headed to Brundage to go skiing with grandpa Rick for the afternoon followed by dinner and staying at a motel in McCall. The next day we did a little shopping and sight seeing then drove to Zim's hot springs to soak away our sore muscles. We stopped in New Meadows for lunch then headed on to Weiser to see the Weideman family and meet our new niece Audrey.  Then made our way back home to unpack. The following day Ashley had her LEGO Robotics 4-H day camp while I went to a job interview. Then aunt Kristey and family came over for dinner while Mike worked on her car.

Today, we met up with my sister Molly and her kids to explore Zoo Boise. Being the discount day and spring break it turned into a very busy day at the zoo but we had a great time. We finished up with a picnic at the park and fed the geese. When I got home I found an email saying that I got the job at Custom Printing so I start work on Monday morning. So that gives me a few days to get organized, although we still have a lot of family Easter activities planned.

Skiing at Brundage

Alysha at Brundage

Mike at Brundage

Grandpa Rick and Alysha

Alysha at Brundage

Mike and Ashley at Brundage

Mike and Stacy on the ski lift at Brundage

Owen and Ashley at Brundage

Ashley with her snowman

Kids with grandpa Rick

Mike on the ground after not running over a few kids by the parking lot.

Refreshments in the lodge

Ashley's notes to the maid at the motel

Exploring McCall

Owen in McCall

Ashley and Owen in McCall
Soaking at Zim's Hot Springs

Playing at Zim's Hot Springs

Playing at Zim's Hot Springs

Aunt Ruby with her new baby Audrey
Stacy and Audrey

Alysha and Audrey

Owen and Audrey
Mike with Audrey

Ashley with her team at LEGO Robotics 4-H Day Camp

Ashley with her team's robot

Kids with cousins Mason and Delaney at the zoo.

Ashley, Delaney, Mason and Owen at the zoo.

Kids and the groundhogs

Alysha and Delaney at the zoo

My kiddos at the zoo

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