Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keeping busy this March

March has been very busy around here with my online college classes and volunteer teaching four to five art classes a week at the charter school. Mike and I have managed to enjoy a few Mondays on our own so we took the motorcycles out for a spin. I don't have much time to practice so it takes me awhile to remember what I'm doing. We have lucked out with some nice spring weather.

Owen finally talked Mike into getting his fishing license so they could go out to the Caldwell ponds to fish. They bought back a few photos of a turtle but no fish. Sounds like they had fun anyways.

Alysha and Amanda had a few extra days off from school so we volunteered to help the 4th graders bake bread. Then we ended up taking down the Have A Heart art project off the wall at the school to be taken home and mounted on a big 4' by 6' cardboard background to go in the school's display case as part of the Earth Day theme. 

I've been going round and round with myself about getting a part time job or trying to start my own after school art class. I've sent in a few resumes to printing businesses. Darlene's Printing in Nampa said I was over qualified for the position they were hiring for but would call me if they needed a graphic designer in the future. Custom Printing called yesterday and I have an interview on Wednesday. I'm really nervous about it since I've been home with the kids for so long but it'll be good for me. We could use the money but will have to figure out a new system of things here at home and matching time off with Mike's work schedule might be hard. Wish me luck. :)

Mike at Lake Lowell

Mike soaking up some sun

Owen and the turtle at the Caldwell Ponds

Mike and Owen at the Caldwell Ponds

Ashley ready to bake bread with her classmates

Alysha and Amanda taking down the Have A Heart project

What great volunteers.

Have A Heart, Stop The Bullying! 7th & 8th Grade Recycled Art Project in the Display Case

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