Saturday, September 29, 2012

CHS Homecoming

It is taking Alysha a while to get use to going to high school but she did dress up for video game day this week for homecoming. The freshman were Sonic so I made this t-shirt for her to wear and she found a matching hat. We couldn't find a Sonic shirt in her size so I took a boys shirt and cut the character off of it then ironed it onto a bigger t-shirt and added lettering. She got lots of compliments on it. 

She was waffling back and forth about going to the homecoming dance or not. Her friend Melissa a few houses down from us talked her into going dress shopping then invited her to go with her and her other senior friends. I took a few photos before they headed to the dance. :)

Alysha ready for the dance

Close up of Alysha

Alysha with Melissa and Friends

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