Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break

To start off Spring Break the kids enjoyed a few days at home playing with friends. Then we got together with Molly, Mason and Delaney at the Boise Zoo for a fun filled afternoon.  Ashley did some cooking and Alysha built birdhouses for school. I had a belly dance performance which was a lot of fun.

April fool's day is always interesting around here with trip wires, small pull string fire crackers tied to doors, eye liner on the rim of cups, household items being rearranged etc... Then we spent another fun filled afternoon playing with cousins on Mike's side of the family. Now what to do for our second week of Spring Break?

Ashley at the Zoo.

Mason and Owen at the zoo

Delaney and Ashley at the zoo

Kids after seeing the penguins at the zoo

Ashley cooking

Ashley with her pancakes

Alysha building her bird house

Alysha's finished birdhouse

Stacy with her belly dance troupe

Landon and Owen

Alysha, Sarah and Amanda

Grandma Reva with some of her grand kids

Kids with their new bunnies

Ashley making an April Fool's Day spider web

April Fool's Day photo

April Fool's Day photo

Aprils Fool's Day - baby trap

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