Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Week 2

Our second week of Spring break was very busy with lots of family get-togethers. We went to dinner with Mike's family in Boise so since we were already there we decided to stop in the Aquarium for a little while. We almost had the place to our selves so the kids had a great time with all the animals. Mike even got up close and personal with one of the rays. We all went to Aunt Ruby's house for dinner and an after dark Easter egg hunt with flashlights. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs in the dark. We managed to get in another kids' building workshop this one at Home Depot where the kids made bird feeders then we came home to dye eggs. While we were dying eggs I told the kids about when I was in junior high and we had an assignment to take care of a hard boiled egg like it was a baby for a week. So the kids each made babies and took care of them for the rest of the day. Easter morning came with lots of goodies and another egg hunt in the backyard. Then we headed to Payette to spend the afternoon with my family. The kids got to do another egg hunt and play with more cousins. It was a beautiful sunny day and a great way to end the break. Now back to school!

Mike at the Aquarium with the ray

Cousins ready for the night Easter egg hunt

Cousins ready to hunt eggs


Celebrating Aunt Carla's birthday


Home Depot kids' workshop

Ashley with our little flower sprouts

Kids dying eggs

Owen with his baby egg

Ashley with her baby eggs

Alysha with her baby egg

Kids on Easter morning.

Easter morning egg hunt

Kids' at grandma Francee's ready to hunt more egg.

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