Sunday, December 18, 2011

Night full of dancing

Last night was Ashley's ballet recital and Alysha's first school dance.

Ashley did a wonderful performance with her ballet class from the Canyon Dance Academy's Winter Recital at the Caldwell High School's Auditorium. They were little sleepy time girls where they danced then fell asleep on stage. Then little fairies sprinkled sleeping dust on them and danced behind them. Followed by Santa checking to see if they were asleep then he placed two ballerina dolls (really teenage dancers) on stage. The dolls danced then the little girls woke up to see the dolls. It was a packed house full of family to see the kids dance.

Alysha and her friend Jacobi spent a few hours straightening Alysha's hair and deciding on what to wear to the dance at Heritage Community Charter School. I stopped in at the dance a little early to take a few photos of the girls. Looked like they had a nice time.

Ashley's ballet 1 class dancing on stage

Santa checking to see if the girls were asleep

Ballerina doll dancing behind the sleeping girls

Ashley after her performance with her new ballerina ornament

Jacobi and Alysha getting ready for the school dance

Alysha at the dance

Alysha with her friends at the school dance.

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