Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! We started the day off early at 6:30am and that was after sending kids back to bed twice at earlier times. The kids know if they want to open any presents they have to let me get a few photos. Here they are all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to open presents. They started off with their stockings then we moved on to presents. Then each took turns opening gifts from new Legos, dolls, PJ's, makeup, art supplies, robot bugs, easy bake oven, shark air swimmer and more. We had a wonderful Christmas morning followed by cleaning up paper and boxes then onto taking things out of their boxes and playing for hours. :) 

Here is Alysha and her new Madame Alexander Doll

Ashley with her new Madame Alexander Doll

Owen with his shark Air Swimmer

Alysha with her presents from new clothes, makeup, Wii games, hair straightener, Hello Kitty laptop sleeve, and doll

Ashley with her new dolls, clothes, Easy Bake Oven and doll beds

Owen with his Lego's, Hexbug larva, Hexbug nanos with habitat, crayola glow book, PJ's and shark air swimmer

The Grinch

Mike with his new mini helicopter, it's been a huge hit.

Mike and Owen blowing up the shark


Owen and Shark taking a quick break

The girls in Ashley's room playing with their new dolls. I haven't seen them all afternoon, must be fun!

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