Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandma Reva's Halloween Party

We had a big family get together at Grandma Reva's Halloween party where the kids had tons of treats and played "minute to win it" games. Slide the cookie down your face without touching or dropping it. Get all the balls out of the bucket on your back without bending over. Wrap up with toilet paper without breaking it and more. It was a very fun filled day.

Cousins - Sarah, Alysha and Amanda

Cousins- Landon and Owen

Girls trying to slide cookies down their faces.

Mike and Landon

Mike trying to bounce the balls out of the bucket on his back.

Lexi, Ashley, Alyse and Layla with all the toilet paper.

Kids trying to eat doughnuts and marshmallows without using their hands.

Painting pumpkins.

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