Sunday, July 31, 2011

My little backyard garden

Hard to believe that it is almost August when my backyard is still looking so green. I thought I'd show you some photos of my little garden which is just behind our back gate.

This spring we got a few more raised garden boxes made and the kids helped me plant all the seeds for our little garden. With the wet and cooler weather this spring it took a little longer to get started but it is doing great now.

Mike has been bringing home black mats that we have been putting down to help block the weeds. Which is helping out a lot. To bad they grow so easily.

Here is the view of the garden from Owen's little pumpkin patch behind the neighbor's yard. Looking like a wild jungle. Time to do some trimming and weeding again.

My cherry tomatoes are starting to turn red. :)

We have summer squash and zucchini. We planted them in little cups and put them in my little green house but the wind came along and blew my green house over so the seeds got all mixed up. So I have a very interesting mix of plants but they seems to be doing great anyways.

This green giant is my green bean tee pee. They took forever to sprout but are taking over now.

The Bunny Farm (aka funny farm)

Two of my little composters, Coco and Licorice. It is amazing what they will eat. I give them all my weeds, dandelions, fruit & veggie scraps, corn stalks, leaves and sticks. They have a two story rabbit hutch with a 8' x 8' rabbit run behind it. They come running when they see me cause I usually have something good for them. :)

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