Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mike's 40th Birthday Party

The kids and I tried to be sneaky and planned Mike a 40th birthday party. We spent a few days making decorations and a day making a giant cake. Then on the party day we went to Lake Lowell and set up everything at the covered picnic area. Once our guests started to arrive we sent Mike a message saying the kids and I decided to go to Lake Lowell could you meet us there after work. While we waited we BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs and the kids had fun running around. Of course someone at work had accidentally mentioned the party to him so it wasn't a big surprise. So Mike called to tell me he would be at work late then snuck up on all of us. He was still surprised that his friend Danny from high school was there. We all ate then had birthday cake and he opened presents. Then the kids all went down to the water to play while us big people watched. It was a nice party.

Reva and Al at the party

Owen and Grandma Reva

Cousins eating hamburgers and hot dogs.

Cousins playing

Mike with his giant cake.

Molly and Will eating cake.

Mike and Danny.

Opening presents with his little helpers.

New backyard fire pit.

Kids in the water.

Big people talking

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