Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Vacation

With the kids out of school a whole week before Christmas this year we have been trying to stay busy. We got a little snow so Mike and the kids made a snow bear in the back yard. We spent a few different days making Christmas crafts. We made little silverware stockings, origami birds and beaded candy canes. We spent a day at my sister's house where we made beaded snowflake ornaments then went ice skating at Idaho Ice World. We are all excited for Christmas.

Owen playing in the snow.

Girls working on Christmas crafts.

Owen with our candy canes.

Stacy trying not to super glue her fingers together.

Kids with our finished crafts.

Alysha making snowflake ornaments.

Making snowflake ornaments at my sister's house.

Ready to go ice skating.

Ashley and Stacy ice skating.

Girls having a blast ice skating.

Mike and Owen watching all the ice skaters.

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