Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas started with Ashley getting up at 5 am. I told her to go back to bed but then all I could hear was the girls on the other side of the house talking. At 5:30 am Mike was up so they came out into the living room. I heard Ashley saying, " We get to go to Disney World." As Alysha corrected her by saying, "We are going to Disney Land." Owen got up a few minutes later and said, "We get to go on an airplane! I've never been on one of those!". It was to cute, so I slowly got up and told them they could open their stockings which were full of mickey mouse things. Like autograph books, pens, activities books, mini notebooks, markers, stickers and chocolate of course. Not long after they started opening presents. Lots of happy smiles followed by trying to decide what to play with then bouncing back and forth between things. Here are a few photos of our exciting morning.

Owen opening his ZuZu pet.

Ashley with her dance costume.

Ashley opening her Calico Critter Townhouse.

Alysha with her Netbook.

Ashley with her presents.

Alysha with her presents.

Owen with his presents.

Ashley setting up her town house.

Owen with his remote control vehicle.

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