Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Other things we are working on!

The kids helped pick grapes in the back yard, then Mike and I steamed them to make grape juice. Then a few days later we made some grape jelly, yummy!

I've been having tons of fun planning our first and probably only big family vacation!! A HUGE Thank you to my AWESOME grandfather!!!! I'm so excited! I've been researching, reading and asking lots of questions but I think I've got it all planned out. We will be flying to California in January to spend three days at Disneyland and California Adventure. Where we will celebrate Ashley's 8th birthday with a fun Character lunch at Ariel's Groto. Then we will take a train ride to San Diego to see the ocean then spend a day at Legoland and a day at SeaWorld. Where we will celebrate Owen's 6th birthday a few weeks early. Ashley and Owen don't know about it so planning on telling them on Christmas. Alysha is harder to keep things from so she has been helping me plan and get things ready for it. :)

I've also been trying to turn the office into Mike and my bedroom. I decided to paint a family tree on the wall, then added picture frames and butterflies. I just need to get everyone's photos then I can complete my project.

Santa has been having lots of fun creating a Mickey Mouse Christmas this year to go with our family vacation. Finding fun things with Mickey and Minnie on them for stocking stuffers, things to decorate the tree with on Christmas Eve. Fabric painting luggage and fun clothing to wear to the airport. Yes, I know I get way to into parties and holidays!! Always something to keep me busy!

Last is a photo of Owen's paper bag project for school. He wanted to make it a Santa Puppet.

Owen picking grapes

Ashley picking grapes

Stacy researching Disneyland

Reading tips on taking kids to Disneyland

Painting my tree in the bedroom.

My almost completed tree, just need photos.
Mickey & Minnie luggage for the kids.

Stocking stuffers.

Clothing I found at Saver's for our plane ride to Disneyland.

Owen's puppet.

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  1. umm... WOW!!! You are incredible!!!!!!!!! You should paint professionally you know!!! And be a professional party planner too of course!!!!!! and vacation planner and suitcase painter!!!! So amazing!!! It will be the best vacation ever!!!!