Monday, February 15, 2010

Owen's 5th Birthday Party

For Owen's birthday this year we had a Monster Bash. Mike and I cut out cardboard and I painted monsters for decorations. We made foam monster party bags and masks. We found monster plates, napkins, cups, suckers and prizes. I made Owen's monster cake and squid hot dogs with spaghetti noodles coming out of the end. We played pin the eye on the monster, bingo, guess how many eye balls are in the jar, monster bean bag toss and Alysha put on a magic show. Followed by presents, cake and ice cream. I think the kids had a good time and Owen had a great birthday.

Party Monsters!

Alsyha's Magic Show.

Owen with the pin the eye on the monster.

Owen opening presents, one eyed monster penny bank. It talks and burps!

Owen with all his presents - Thank you everyone!

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