Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Owen's 1st Day of Preschool

Owen has been waiting two years for his chance to go to preschool. Being the littlest is hard sometimes. Watching your sisters go to school where they have fun sand tables and playgrounds while he had to go home with mom all the time. Today, he was big enough to go to his own school and make his own friends. He has always been attached to my leg so I wasn't sure how he would do but I got told "to leave, mom!" so that answered my question. His teacher said he did great and I had to chase him down and drag him to the car afterwards so I think he loved it! Now I just need to get use to having three hours to myself. Sounds wonderful but I felt lost and guilty that I should be volunteering at one of the kids three schools or something. I think I need a few weeks of some free time first or at least a nap once in awhile! :)

Owen with his backpack at Preschool.

Owen sitting by his name tag.

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