Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Belly Dancers in the family!

Our nieces Mariah and Amanda had their first belly dance performance yesterday at the Oasis Dreams daytime showcase. They did an awesome job and it was a fun performance to watch. They started taking belly dance classes at the Nyssa Artistic Academy under Eliza, who is part of my Raqs Hilwa dance troope. I hope that they continue to learn and keep dancing.

He turns 19 today! We wish him a wonderful birthday!

Stacy Update - I'm doing good and the doctors decided I could skip radiation so I just had my Power Port surgically implanted into my chest. It sounds like I should be part computer but it's really just like an implanted IV connection for my daily interferon treatments and for drawing blood etc.. I'll be starting my interferon treatment on the 13th and will be at Mountain State Tumor Institute an hour a day, 5 days a week for a full month then I think it'll drop down to fewer appointments. Overall, I'm doing great and hoping my treatments don't slow me down to much. Although we are all taking things a little slower and have dropped most extra activities, like Ashley's dance class, Alysha's gymnastics, and swimming lessons. We are enjoying doing things with family and at home more and are taking up more quiet activities like beading, quilt making, painting, drawing and catching up on movies. Thank you again to everyone for all your love and support!

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  1. Oh we miss you guys! What bellydancing talent! I didn't know they were in a class, so glad you can share it with us way down here! and oh how I wished we lived closer! I want to keep the kids for all your appointments and help you till your sick of me!!!!!