Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the 70's so went to Lake Lowell

Mike took the kids to Lake Lowell to play in the water since it was so nice. The kids wore their new SPF 50 swim suits and sunscreen to go get their feet wet. Was a beautiful day, I prefer the clouds and cooler weather myself.

This is my first week of interferon treatments at Mountain State Tumor Institute after three days I am doing good and not feeling bad. Mondays are my long days with blood tests, seeing my doctor, then my treatments about two hours total. Tuesdays through Fridays is just my treatments about an hour a day. Almost at the end of my first week, so just have three more weeks to go then will be injecting myself at home three days a week for 11 months. Could be much worse!!

Alysha at Lake Lowell.

Owen and Ashley at Lake Lowell

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