Sunday, November 1, 2015

Grandma Reva's Halloween Party

Everyone always looks forward to grandma Reva's Halloween party each fall. This year was a lot of fun with yummy food, lots of games, crafts and family fun. We even lucked out and didn't get rained on. We all had fun dressing up and took lots of photos.

Layla and Alaina ready for pin the heart on the skeleton

Landon, Layla, Alaina, Owen, Lexi, Ashley and Alyse

Ashley picking a prize

Al and Landon

Landon attacking Uncle Bob

Playing games with Amanda and Aunt Kristey

Ashley and Alysha

Grandma Reva

Aunt Ruby

Playing Bingo

More Bingo fun

Alysha and her friend Cheyenne

Seeing who could spit the pumpkin seeds the farthest

Aunt Carla

Grandma Reva cooking up something yummy

Uncle Scott, Alaina and Alyse

Cousin Amanda

Ready to play another game

Aunt Julie

Team #1

Team #2

Doughnut time

Ashley, Alyse, Lexi and Landon

Reva, Carla, Ruby, Owen, Layla, Mike and Alaina

Alyse and Lexi




Alysha and Cheyenne

Alaina, Layla, Cheyenne, Alysha, Owen, Landon, Ashley, Alyse, Lexi and Amanda

Layla and Alyse

Ashley, Alaina and Layla

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