Sunday, October 4, 2015

Odds and Ends

Everyone in my house has been busy with school and/or work so we have all been just working on small things here and there. When I am finally home from school and work I am usually working on homework, trying to catch up on chores or getting my art supplies ready for the next day's art class. We did make it to my nephew Mason's birthday BBQ, then we went out of town to watch the sunset and the lunar eclipse over the valley. Owen has been busy working on making his Halloween costume out of cardboard and has a great start to it already. Ashley found the spell book I made a few years ago and has been busy reading all the spells(poems). Alysha has been busy with school and applying for jobs. Mike has been working on motorcycle projects and things outside.

Mason's 12th birthday

Driving out of town to watch the sunset

Lake Lowell

Lunar Eclipse
Owen's cardboard costume

Ashley reading the spell book

Our cutie Talynn, almost 2 years old

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