Saturday, February 21, 2015

Straight Talk Wireless

I have been working for an event company that was hired by Straight Talk Wireless to promote their products in Walmarts around the nation. I have been working Friday afternoons/evenings and Saturdays for them at the Caldwell Walmart. They pay really well and it is not a hard job but I have had to miss a few things to do it. Lime green is not my favorite color but it is fun talking to the people that walk by my display table. Mike even stopped by with flowers for an early valentines present and then went grocery shopping with me after my shift at 8:30 pm.

I also got lucky and another part time job I applied for decided to hire me. Just wish it wasn't at the exact same time as the event company. I'm working for a Boise company that writes their own curriculum for their after school labs in Boise and Eagle. They hired me as a freelance graphic designer to layout new curriculum books for a contract they received to sell their books to a company in Saudi Arabia.  It is a great opportunity and will look awesome on my resume. So far I have got to work on subjects like 3D printing, SketchUp, Unity, and Circuits.  The curriculum books are all going to India to be translated into Arabic then sent to Saudi Arabia where they are going to be used to teach kids there too. So if you are trying to find me I'm at school, Walmart or glued to my computer.

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