Sunday, January 18, 2015


We started the new year by staying home and playing family board games. We all had a great time playing "Ticket to Ride" and "Settlers of Catan".  Yes, I am sure you are thinking.... "Stacy hates games..." I'm not the biggest fan of games but I did enjoy these two games. They are not word games and are not highly competitive ones either. Plus they helped us mark off one more of Owen's achievements for cub scouts, family game night.

Every January, we head out to Lake Lowell to see if it is frozen. It was in most places but we still played close to the shore. It had been lightly snowing all morning, which made the ice very slippery. Ashley used her ice skates but we quickly learned that snow boots worked just as good. Mike and Owen made a few holes in the ice to see how thick it was. Ashley and Owen drew pictures in the snow and took turns pulling each other on the sheds. Then it was time to head home for hot chocolate.

It took us a while to get Owen into cub scouts but he is loving it. We have been working on his achievements so that he will be ready to move from the bear den to the webelos den in February when he turns ten. At this month's pack meeting he received his Bobcat badge. Now we are very close to finishing his Bear badge.

Ashley, Bella, Owen and Zak at Lake Lowell

Stacy and Mike at Lake Lowell

Owen's ice fish

Ashley on the ice at Lake Lowell

Bella trying to stay warm

Zak and Mike at Lake Lowell

Owen receiving his Bobcat badge at the cub scout pack meeting

Owen building and painting a model for cub scouts

Mike adding extra details to Owen's model

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