Sunday, June 15, 2014

Free Fishing Day & BioBlitz

Saturday was Free Fishing Day and the Idaho Fish and Game held a kids event at Lake Lowell on Gott's Point. The kids learned water safety, about fishing, how to tie knots, painted fish then they got to fish. Owen lasted an hour and a half then was ready to quit since he wasn't catching anything but all the girls around him were. So we headed to get some lunch then stopped by the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge to see what was going on at the BioBlitz Day. They had live animals (snakes, lizards, fish, birds) along with booths with crafts and lots of information on animals and bugs. It was a fun day.

Painting fish at Gott's Point

Knot tying at Gott's Point

Owen with the snakes at Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge visitors center

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