Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gravel, dirt, and lots of sand....

Well, the weather is finally nice and warm but not to hot so I took advantage of the kids still being in school and practiced riding my motorcycle. It's been a little while so I need some practice.

Day 1 - We spent a few hours out at Pickle Butte on the sand, gravel and more sand. I'm not to fond of either so it takes a lot of concentration and crossing my fingers that I don't bite it. All went good.

Day 2 - We headed out to the Owyhee's by Adrian and followed a really washed out track through the dessert hills. It was harder than I was planning on doing that day but I did it with only biting it twice in the 10 inch or more deep sand going down a hill. It was a nice soft landing though.

Day 3 - We went back to Pickle Butte for more practice then took an easy drive out to Marsing. I love the pavement by the way. It is so much less work and all my muscles are hating me. 

Now need to find a kid sitter and I can get some more practice.

Top of Pickle Butte

Top of Pickle Butte




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