Sunday, February 3, 2013

School Ski Night

Ashley at Bogus Basin

This year Ashley was big enough to go with the school for Ski Night at Bogus Basin. She would only go if I was one of the chaperons so I signed up to ride the bus and help the kids get on their equipment and get them to their lessons. Then I helped a little with a few kids that were having a hard time keeping up with their groups. Ashley was grouchy during her lesson because I put her in the Intermediate class. She was bored out of her mind since they never made it off the magic carpet on the beginner hill. I thought the class would have been more advanced than that so next time I'll put her in the advanced class so she can go on the chair lift. I got to ski on my own while they were in lessons which was really nice. I haven't got to ski on my own in many years. I took a few photos while on the lift and skiing down the hill.  It was a pretty evening. Then I collected Ashley and we skied a few runs before heading into the lodge for a late dinner. It took us quite a while to round up all the kids and get all the equipment turned back in and get them all on the buses. It was a fun night even though it was a really late one for a school night.

Ashley and Stacy on the ski lift

View from the chair lift

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