Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oregon Coast Vacation Part 2

Part way though our vacation Ashley caught a stomach bug and was sick for a good 24 hours so we hung out at grandpa's house. The next day she felt a little better but not perfect. Aunt Lee took us school clothes shopping. Where we found all the kids new shoes and a couple new outfits. That afternoon Mike's nephew Jasson and his son Kye came over from Portland to visit with us so we went down to River Front park to play and ride the carousel. That evening my grandfather took all of us to dinner at the Roadhouse grill. Kye loved getting to throw the peanut shells on the floor. It was great to see them. 

Then to finish up our vacation we took a trip over to Lincoln City. We stopped for lunch at a cute little diner with a cool mural. Then we headed to the beach to play in the sand. It was foggy and windy but the kids still had fun. Mike built a pyramid sand castle. Once we were all cleaned back up we headed over to the sand castle contest where we saw lots of really cool sand castles being built. It was a nice day even if the weather wasn't the best. The next day we loaded up and headed home. We had a nice week over all. Thank you so much to my awesome grandfather and aunt Lee. :)

Kye, Owen, Alysha and Ashley at the carousel

Jasson, Owen, Kye, Ashley, Mike and Alysha at River Front park

Owen and Kye living it up at the Roadhouse grill with root beer and peanuts

Lunch in Lincoln City - loved the mural. 

Mike on the beach at Lincoln City

Kids on the beach at Lincoln City

Playing in the sand in Lincoln City

Mike's cool pyramid sand castle

Kids at the Sand Castle contest in  Lincoln City

Owen at the Sand Castle contest in  Lincoln City 

Sand Castle contest in  Lincoln City 

Sand Castle contest in  Lincoln City 

Mike and Ashley at the Sand Castle contest in  Lincoln City 

On the beach at Lincoln City

The cute little beach cafe where we stopped for snacks.

Ready to head home. Alysha, Aunt Lee, Owen, Stacy, Ashley and Great Grandpa Richard.

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