Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

4th of July started with the Caldwell parade by Memorial park. We found a partly shady spot to watch the parade. Then we headed to the park to look at all the booths, the car show, eat lunch and play a few games. I had promised the kids a while back that I would go swimming with them in the city pool so we did for a little while. I wasn't feeling very well so headed back home for a quick nap. Then Mike's family came over for a BBQ and made homemade ice cream. We finished the evening by watching the fireworks at the college then lighting a few here at home. It was a busy day, okay a BUSY couple of weeks. I'm wiped out but it was a lot of fun. Hoping the next couple weeks are slow and quiet. :)

Amanda, Sarah, Aunt Shelley and Aunt Carla watching the parade.

Mike and kids at the park

Sarah and grandma Reva making homemade ice cream

Aunt Kristey and Amanda in the backyard

Sarah and grandma Reva

Grandma Reva, Aunt Shelley, Aunt Kristey, Amanda & Sarah

Mike and Aunt Shelley checking on the ice cream

Me, see I was there.

Mike and Stacy on the 4th of July

Uncle Cliff, Aunt Carla, Grandma Reva and Al at the college watching for the fireworks to start.

Aunt Shelley, Mariah and Aunt Kristey watching the fireworks

So Pretty! Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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