Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break Projects

As Spring Break comes to an end I am very happy to see all the projects we have been working on rain or shine. Mike finished my window box and I planted strawberries in it. Mike and I remodeled the rabbit hutches. I painted the hutches, window box, planters, birdhouses, raised garden boxes, picnic table and my outside worm box. My worm factory 360 arrived with my 2000 composing worms and are all set up in the kitchen to eat all our kitchen waste and make awesome plant food for me. We planted seeds in the garden and in my little green house. We cleared a spot for Owen's pumpkin patch and Mike started rearranging my drip irrigation system. Feels great to see things coming together. Happy spring. Grow little plants, grow! :)

Alysha and my new window box.

Remodeled rabbit hutches

My little garden painted and planted.

Owen's future Pumpkin patch on the back side of the garden.

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