Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween party at Grandma Reva's

Since Ruby and girls are here visiting we decided to have our Halloween party a little earlier than normal. We all made fun Halloween treats, masks and played fun games with the kids. It was an evening full of fun and we got LOTS of photos.

Aunt Carla helped the kids cut out their masks.

All the goodies for the cookie walk.

Mariah decorating the pinata.

Alysha helping with the pinata.

Owen's pumpkin vampire mask.

Kids decorating their masks.

My cute little pumpkin.

Sisters, Mariah & Amanda.


Playing with the skeletons before the bone hunt.

Sisters, missing Aunt Shelley!

Cousins, Lexi, Ashley & Alyse with their pretty masks.

Kids from age 18 to 2

In line all ready for the pinata.

Alaina ready to take a swing.

Owen was next.

Layla playing with her whistle.

Grandma Reva ready to start the cookie walk.

Pin the nose on the pumpkin.

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