Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July camping trip with Mike's family

After our 4th of July surprise party crashers invaded they insisted that we all go camping. Ruby talked to her in-laws in Weiser and reserved us a campground after reading the driving directions we realized it was just outside of Council and even on my parent's road just a few miles the opposite direction. Of course my parents had plans to be in Boise that weekend. Anyhow, we all had a great time camping, roasting marshmallows, collecting bugs, playing in the river, doing crafts, singing by the campfire and hanging out.

Alyse, Lexi, Ashley & Owen in the river.

Grandma Reva and Mike

Stacy setting up the kitchen area.

Reva aka Hermit Crab relocating her tent.

Mike and sister Ruby.

Alaina playing with paper dolls.

Mariah and Amanda working on crafts.

Ashley ready for the ring toss.

Alyse and Owen playing ring toss.

Ruby and Amanda setting up tents.

Mike sleeping with the dogs.

Owen and James painting cars.

Alaina showing us her necklace she made.

Mariah lost in nature.

Kristey I found you! Trying to hide from my camera.

Owen roasting marshmallows.

Mike with a marshmallow in the eye.

Stacy and a smore.

Hanging out around the campfire.

BEWARE of the night creatures.

Ashley and Owen at Grandma Reva's craft table.

Alaina, Lexi and Alyse at Grandma Reva's craft table.

Hanging out in the shade.

Owen and James had fun collecting bugs.

Amanda, Mariah & Kristey by the campfire.

Mike the safety police!

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