Monday, April 5, 2010

April Fools Day and Easter

Spring break has been a busy one this year with lots of family and holidays. Aunt Ruby, Uncle Scott and cousins Alyse, Lexi, Alaina & Layla all came to visit from Colorado Springs. Aunt Shelley and cousin Sarah were here from Seattle and Uncle Bob and cousin Tyler stopped by for a couple days for Easter. Mike's family really gets into April Fools Day. This year we decorated Grandma Reva and Grandpa Al's truck and Mike's Van while they were at work. Both said "Just Married" on the back with tin cans, window paint etc.. Tape on faucets so they spray water all over, chocolate covered dog food or even rocks.

Grandma Reva's house is always full of arts and craft projects. The kids all decorated Easter hats, colored Easter Eggs, played games and hunted for eggs in the backyard. By the time we went to the Caldwell City Easter Egg hunt they were all pros at hunting for eggs.

The weather wasn't very nice over Spring Break but did water all the flowers and grass really well. We did manage to spend two afternoons working on Mike's shed and my garden with Ruby & Scott's help. Hoping the weather will be nice for a little while so we can get a few things done in the back yard.

Grandpa Al and Grandma Reva with their April fools Day truck

Kids after decorating Mike's Van on April Fools Day.

Lexi, Alyse, Ashley, Owen and Grandma Reva with their Easter Hats.

Lexi, Ashley, Alysha, Alyse, Alaina, Owen, Amanda & Sarah decorating Easter Eggs.

Aunt Ruby and Alysha coloring eggs.

Alaina and Owen coloring eggs.

Alysha with some crazy eggs!

Owen and Lexi at the Caldwell Park Easter Egg Hunt.

Ashley at the Caldwell Park Easter Egg hunt.

Alysha and Sarah at the Caldwell Easter Egg hunt.

Tyler and Owen listening to music on Tyler's Ipod.

Easter Morning.

Kids after hunting eggs in the front yard on Easter morning.

Mike's shed, a work in progress!! :)

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