Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Blog that Time Forgot!

Major Chemo brain is to blame for the last few months I haven't posted anything to our blog. So I will try to go down memory lane and post what we have been doing.

Fall is my favorite season and when things around here start to get REALLY busy, as if life isn't always busy.

Kids playing in the leaves in our front yard.

Mike and I kept busy cleaning up the yard, making some grape jelly, we went to my parents house and make apple cider with the kids and motorcycle ride here and there.

Halloween 2009 - Owen as the dragon, Ashley as the Asian Princess, Alysha the Vampire and Amanda as the mummy.

In between all the fun Alysha had the H1N1 flu then Mike got it, Ashley had a strep throat and Owen and I managed to not catch it.

We went to Chuck E Cheese for Alysha's birthday.

Wow, I can't believe Alysha is already twelve seems like yesterday when she was just a little tiny baby only 5 lbs. So much has changed in twelve years. One fun thing is I can now borrow her shirts and shoes once in awhile.

After Alysha's birthday my camera had problems so I don't have photos but we took on remodeling the house. We painted the living room and hallway then the ceiling. We ripped out the really old gross carpet and had new carpet installed. Then we repainted the kitchen and cleaned out a bunch of junk. So our house is looking nice except do not look in my room or the office they are a mess which I hope to get to.

Once the house was back in order I made a trip to see my Grandfather for his 80th birthday. We had a great time. His neighbor lady made him 80 homemade egg rolls that were to die for.

Thanksgiving at grandma Reva's house with a surprise visit from Ruby and family.

Cousins and pies on Thanksgiving, a happy time with lots of family.

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