Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is time speeding up? Where did July go?

I can't believe July is almost over. At the beginning of July I thought we didn't have much going on this month but looking back at my photos we still kept busy. Here is a photo of Ashley and Owen playing in the pop-up pool Grandma Francee gave us.

Mike moving sod from the back yard to the front so the ground could be level for the pool.

Owen and Ashley with their new pool all most filled up. Just in time for 100+ degree weather.

We went to see Amanda & Mariah's belly dance performance. They did awesome!

My brother Cody came to visit and help Molly move so we went out to celebrate, was tons of fun!

We went to Mike's 20 year high school reunion in Parma. There was a picnic in the afternoon for everyone then a wonderful dinner for all the adults in the evening.

Parma Class of '89 at their 20 yr. reunion. (only about half of the class made it)

Stacy's newest hair style. Will take me a little while to quit being shocked when I look in the mirror but hoping I won't notice how much hair is falling out now that the pieces are short not long.

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  1. LOVE the haircut! Wow, 20 years- Mike's getting old- I missed my 10 year last weekend. What a fun pool! MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!